Black Lives Matter. The Lives of...

Black Girl Folk. Black Boy Folk. Black Young Folk. Black Elderly Folk. Black Women Folk. Black Men Folk. Black Gay Folk. Black Lesbian Folk. Black Bisexual Folk. Black Pansexual Folk. Black Asexual Folk. Black Queer Folk. Black Trans Folk. Black NonBinary Folk. Black Intersex Folk. Black GenderNonconforming Folk. Black Fat Folk. Black Skinny Folk. Black Folk with Light Skin. Black Folk with Dark Skin. Black Folk with Mixed Skin. Black Folk with Special Needs. Black Folk with Mental Needs. Black Folk with Emotional Trauma. Black Folk with Body Trauma. Black Folk with Babies. Black Folk with Large Families. Black Folk with No Families. Black Folk with No Home. Black Folk with Low Income. Black Folk with No Income. Black Folk with High Education. Black Folk with No Education. Black Folk with No Religion. Black Atheist Folk. Black Agnostic Folk. Black Spiritual Folk. Black Christian Folk. Black Muslim Folk. Black Buddhist Folk. Black Hindu Folk. Black Native Folk. Black Indian Folk. Black Latin Folk. Black European Folk. Black Asian Folk. Black Caribbean Folk. Black American Folk. Black African Folk. Black Human Folk.

All Black Folk Everywhere.
In Every Way of Being Black.
Of Living Black. Of Dying Black.

What Is Soul Liberation Yoga?

Soul Liberation Yoga & Wellness is an initiative to serve Black communities and queer people of color in the areas of inner and outer wellness through the practice of Yoga. If you desire a Yoga experience that:

  • Is a shame-free and gentle safe space

  • Affirms all forms of Black bodies and identities

  • Is inclusive of LGB, trans, GNC, and queer folx of color

  • Is informed by multiple methodologies and systems of knowledge 

  • Explores various techniques of holistic healing and sacred Self care

  • Guide students on their personal journeys to inner growth and transformation

Then Soul Liberation Yoga & Wellness is made for you!


Learn More About Soul Liberation Yoga & Wellness

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