Personal & Group Sessions


Actions and attitudes which contribute to the maintenance of well-being and personal health.

“Self care” is a trendy term tossed around a lot these days, yet it can be hard to actually do. Sometimes we need encouragement to improve our wellness, and my sessions provide that on a personal level. For those not comfortable with public classes or prefer one-on-one attention, private instruction is an optimum choice.

yoga floating guyI specialize in creating custom sessions that meet your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs. Personal private sessions don’t follow a cookie-cutter format and are as unique as you are. Together, we collaborate to set your goals and create a plan to meet them. I give you focused and dedicated guidance that you won’t get from most public group classes, and directly teach you the skills to make Yoga a part of your life and being.

And with a Four-Week Personal Program, your education goes beyond the single session. Along with your in-person teachings, I also provide you with weekly assignments to encourage your commitment, additional resources to increase your knowledge, and accountability check-ins to assist your growth as you continue your practice at home. With a Four-Week Personal Program, individual sessions become more than just one-on-one teachings. They become hand-made learning courses designed specifically for you!

I specialize in these particular areas:

  • Hatha Yoga for Beginners: Customized to meet your specific needs, these Yoga sessions focus mostly on body movement and breath work, and are great for both Yoga beginners and basic practitioners. I will gently guide you into poses, adjustments, and sequences that work best for your unique body type, and will help you develop your independent home practice.
  • Kemetic Yoga Guidance: Based on the hieroglyphics of ancient Egypt, Kemetic Yoga renews mind, body, and soul through controlled breathing and conscious movements. Rooted in the YogaSkills School of Kemetic Yoga system, these private teachings explores the core principles, poses, and sequences of Kemetic Yoga grounded in African-Egyptian mythology.
  • Chakra Energy Healing: An aspect of many ancient traditions, Chakras are energy centers within our bodies that align with different aspects of our soul. These sessions aim to remove energy blockages that may hinder healing and to balance the flow of our inner life force. The practice involves non-massage, fully-clothed touching of key points of the body, primarily the arms, shoulders, legs, head, and hands.
  • Breath & Sound Meditation: Sound is more than just what we hear. It is energy itself. Relax your body and soul with the gentle healing vibrations of calming acoustics. We begin with deep breathing exercises to bring the mind into focus, and ease into a soothing, mind-clearing meditation to the heavenly tones of the Hapi steel drum.


Private teachings can be expanded to include multiple people. I create a communal and comfortable atmosphere that allows for personal discussion and student interaction. The benefit of private group sessions is receiving guidance centered around your group’s unique energy and personality, with lessons based on everyone’s general needs and abilities. I can also create informative workshops to address specific topics or themes. Group sessions are ideal for:

  • In-home Yoga gatherings with loved ones
  • Community groups, centers, and churches
  • Businesses and non-profit organizations

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