Soul Liberation Shop

Support this community initiative by purchasing Soul Liberation Yoga & Wellness branded items. Using your items will bring exposure, and your purchases will help to keep classes going!

Certain items are sold via different online stores, so take your time to browse. New items are added as they become available, so check back often!

All orders are handled externally by third parties and not directly by Soul Liberation Yoga & Wellness.

Etsy Shop

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The Soul Liberation Yoga Etsy Shop offers a variety of clothing and accessories. Choose from different logo designs on your favorite color and style of apparel.


Not interested in merchandise but still want to be a financial support? Consider becoming a monthly patron via Patreon!

HOW IT WORKS: The way Patreon operates is that you choose the amount you’d like to give and on the 1st of every month, your card is charged. It’s basically like a subscription service, except instead of buying from a corporation, you’re supporting a creative. Your contributions go toward supporting the efforts of Soul Liberation Yoga. Every patron, no matter their giving amount, will have access to patron-only updates in order to see how they are helping and whom they are positively affecting.

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